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A Sermon Template: How to Correctly Preach from the Old Testament Law

Some of the most difficult sections of the Bible to preach is the Old Testament law.

Preaching Old Testament Law Outline

Today, some O.T. practices would be considered animal cruelty by some. How exactly do we preach O.T. texts that seem irrelevant to our daily living?

Should we sweep the book of Leviticus under the category of “Oh, it’s the Old Testament.”

Most Evangelicals would argue that all Scripture is worth preaching, but when was the last time you preached from those sections or heard a sermon from it?

Perhaps we shy away from these passages because of uncertainty of how to preach on them? Perhaps, preaching from the Gospels or Paul’s epistles is much easier to make relevant for today so we simply ignore the Torah?

Consider this sermon outline template to encourage you to dive into difficult sections of the bible. Continue Reading…