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Speed Bumps to Avoid in Your Sermon Introduction

In the last post, I listed some examples of attention-getting introductions.  This month I want to offer some warnings about potential momentum stoppers, or as I call them “speed bumps” in the introduction.

Speed bumps to Sermon Intro's

Speed Bumps are meant to slow you down while driving through neighborhoods and parking lots.  While we certainly want them in those places, you don’t want them in your sermon introductions.

Put another way, there are things you can say that slow down the momentum that a good sermon introduction is supposed to create.  Let’s consider three common examples: Continue Reading…

Six Avoidable Mistakes All Preachers Make. Number Three Is The Easiest To Correct.

If you are anything like me, then you are always striving to improve your communication skills. I want to do whatever I can to present the truth in a more accurate, convicting and convincing way.

Mistakes Preachers Make

Communication is a craft that is developed over time and these are six avoidable mistakes that every preacher makes. If you have made any of these mistakes, then you are in good company because I have certainly been guilty of this entire list.

Continue Reading…