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3 Tweaks for Impactful Sermon Illustrations

Illustrations are essential to any sermon. A great illustration, that is. It can take a person from “I think I sort of get it” to the “ah, I see exactly what you mean!” moment.

impactful sermon illustrations

In fact, illustrations are used by teachers, preachers, parents, or anyone who is trying to convey something to someone effectively.

It’s for this reason that in grade school we learned addition by adding one apple to three apples to get a total of four apples. Continue Reading…

The 10 Commandments of Sermon Illustrations

Someone once said that when you run out of illustrations, you should stop preaching. This statement may be overdramatic, but there is some element of truth to it. Jesus was a fantastic storyteller.

Sermon Illustrations

For example, when he communicated something about the kingdom he would talk about coins, sheep, and a prodigal son as a way to illustrate his point. If you survey the New Testament, you will quickly discover that Jesus frequently responded and engaged people through a story. Bottom line: stories stick in your memory. Continue Reading…