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Skill 1: How to Diagram a Passage For Your Next Sermon

Authors note: This article is a continuation of a recent post titled, 10 Skills Every Preacher Uses in Sermon Prep. In the article I gave a brief overview of the ten skills. I will now provide an in depth analysis of the first skill. 

What’s the first step you take after you pick your passage of scripture that you want to preach? Do you go straight to commentaries? Do you simply pray and hope that something comes to your mind?

Diagramming Biblical Passage

There are a variety of places we could start, but in order to stay grounded in the text, we must start with the text itself. One of the best ways to stay grounded in the text is to diagram the text. Diagramming shows us the intended meaning of the author. It shows us what the original audience would have understood. Our first step in sermon prep must be to diagram the text.

I guarantee that if you take the time to put into practice what I am about to show you, it will greatly enhance your sermon preparation and delivery. Continue Reading…