Preaching Academy

Ok, so here’s the thing, I can’t give you all the details on what Preaching Academy is just yet, but all that I will say is that it’s going to be pretty cool.  I believe this will take our preaching skill to another level.

For this to happen, I need your help.  I’ve already got some things in the works but would love to hear from you. For me to better serve you, I need to know what areas I need to focus on.

So here’s the question:

What areas in preaching would you like to improve upon and learn to master for more effective preaching?

There is no right or wrong answer here.  Just leave a comment below and be on the lookout for more announcements on “P.A.”

  • An area of focus to me would be a walk through what different preachers do to prepare for sermons. From choosing the topic to how long preparation take etc.

  • Oh and perhaps like a video series walking someone through the entire process of sermon prep to delivery and then what they do post sermon. Hope this help!

    • Great feedback! Thank you Dustin. Ideas are now definitely brewing.

      • Awesome! Another one would be how to get paid speaking engagements in or outside the church. I get this question a lot and I’m sure your fan base might like to know what you and your team does.

  • Vik Cho

    How to organize a long term constructive critics team – how to get people to listen and give you feedback, and such that would be meaningful. Maybe a good questioner to fill out…

    • Vic-
      Hi! That’s a great suggestion. How to create the right team who give constructive criticism to the Pastor. Thanks!

  • Nelu Malancea

    Video interviews with good preachers on methods and focus areas would also be great.

  • Travis

    I’ve got to internalize the message. Move from reading it from a page or slide and preaching it from my soul.

    • Travis, do you mean having a session on how to internalize better?