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“How do you prepare for your sermons and what solid commentaries do you recommend.”

These are questions I get asked often.  I ask other preachers these questions myself.

At times we may listen to a preacher and tell ourselves, “wow, where did he get that interesting insight on that first century custom.  What book did he get it from?”

We all know that the resources and books are out there.  That’s no secret.  The question is, what is reliable and where can we find these resources?

So I decided to put together an eBook of the tools I use to prepare my sermons.

It’s called A Preacher’s Toolbox: 35 Resources Essential For Better Preaching.

In this resource you will discover:

  • The books I read and recommend for all people aspiring to preach. Hint: Preaching to Adults is different than youth.
  • The commentaries that I use to make sure my study of Scripture is correct.  From thousands of commentaries that are published, only a few are worthy to use.
  • The software that I use for my sermon preparation.  From the few that are out there, I recommend this one.
  • The dictionaries I use that help me discover the biblical truths from a historical context.
  • The apps that I believe every preacher should have on their smartphone.
  • The websites I use and recommend all preachers to have in their shortcut’s tab.
  • And more…


Here’s the thing:

You can’t buy A Preacher’s Toolbox.  There’s only one way to get it– by subscribing to receive blog posts to your inbox.

All you need to do is fill in the form on the bottom of this page.  Once you do that and confirm your subscription, I will email you the download link to this awesome, FREE resource.

And whenever our site posts fresh content, I’ll send you an email.  That way, you don’t have to worry about missing helpful sermon preparation and delivery tips.

Every Sunday the pulpits are filled with thousands of preachers.  Make sure the resources you use in your study don’t lead you to a poor sermon with content that is questionable.

What are you waiting for? Get your free eBook below.

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