A Dangerous Sermon Icebreaker That Worked

This past weekend I had the honor to travel to Sacramento, California for some ministry. Since it was a fairly new crowd, I decided I needed to “break the ice.”

Good Sermon Icebreaker

There are many ways we can do this: humor, introducing our family or telling a good story.

Well, I went on a limb and tried something completely different. This icebreaker would either serve its purpose or put me in a hole so deep that I would lose them for good.

What I did was more than break the ice, I cracked the whole frozen lake.

What did I do?

I took a selfie with the congregation.

Yup, a selfie. You can see the pic here.

It turned out that they loved it! Instead of them giving me a death stare, they smiled into the camera.


We had a great laugh.

I spoke on God’s love.

I’m glad that my judgment didn’t lapse with this group.

I would love to hear from you.

Question: What are some methods that you use when speaking to a new group?