Christmas: The Struggle is Real

During this time of year we are led to believe that everything is fine with people.  Our social media walls are filled with pictures posted by others who are smiling and dressed in their best.

Pain during Christmas

At our churches there seems to be an atmosphere of excitement. People seem happy.

As a result, it is easy for us, as pastors and preachers, to assume that everyone is enjoying this great and glamorous time of the year.  But for many, that’s not the case.  Yes, Jesus was born and they are grateful for this but in some people’s lives, this time of year, there’s lots of sorrow and pain.


It’s because a few years back, they lost a loved one. Did you know that the highest death rate in a year is on Christmas day? Many people around us, or you yourself, may have lost someone during this time of the year. And now, Christmas time is an unfortunate reminder that you no longer have someone you loved so dearly.

People are hurting.

Here’s something we can do in our next service.  Let’s publicly acknowledge the reality of grief during this time of year. Consider in your next service to ask people to raise their hands if they have lost someone during this time and for those sitting around them to lay hands on them and pray.

Nothing like the body of Christ standing alongside the grieving and praying a prayer of encouragement.  I believe this will make for one sweet and savory moment for people.

Whatever position you hold in the church, perhaps you have the power to make this happen.  If you are just a lay person you can always send an email to the church to suggest it.

If you are the pastor and have the authority to do something like this, please consider it and bring a tangible gift to the hurt- the church’s prayers.