Christmas Sermon Ideas For You

Advent Christmas Sermon Ideas

As a preacher, do you ever feel like you have nothing new to say this time of year? Are your sermons predictable? Does your congregation already know exactly what text you’re going to preach from? Would you like to change things up a bit? Maybe this post will help.

In today’s post I would like to do something a little different.  I think some of the greatest challenges for pastors and preachers around Christmas time, or any other major holiday, is coming-up with a sermon that is different from last year’s and also original in content.

It can feel like ground hog day during the holidays.  It’s easy to default to familiar passages to preach from. For instance, preaching from Luke or Isaiah in December.

My hope is that we can all share our sermon series topics or sermons for the month of December/Christmas in the comments section.  I will then compile and publish your ideas for you all to be able to read and perhaps use in the future.

Again, I think you can bless others tremendously by sharing what you are doing this month and at the same time get ideas of what others are preaching about.

So if you would take a minute to scroll to the bottom of this page and answer these two questions by leaving a comment, that would be great!

 Please answer these 2 questions:

  1. What advent topics or sermons are you preaching on in the month of December?
  2. What Passage(s) of Scripture are you using for each topic or sermon?

Here’s my example:

Sermon Topic: God’s Unconditional Love For Us at Our Worst

Text: Genesis 3 (Emphasis on 3:15 where God promises a Redeemer).

A minute of your time can be a huge blessing for someone else. I think we can all learn and get great ideas from each other!