Sermon Preparation

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Sermon preparation is the “science” of your sermon development. Discover methods, outlines, and resources on how you can improve your intro, body, and conclusion of your sermon. You will learn how to uncover biblical truths in your prep.

A Sermon Template: How to Correctly Preach from the Old Testament Law

Some of the most difficult sections of the Bible to preach is the Old Testament law.

Preaching Old Testament Law Outline

Today, some O.T. practices would be considered animal cruelty by some. How exactly do we preach O.T. texts that seem irrelevant to our daily living?

Should we sweep the book of Leviticus under the category of “Oh, it’s the Old Testament.”

Most Evangelicals would argue that all Scripture is worth preaching, but when was the last time you preached from those sections or heard a sermon from it?

Perhaps we shy away from these passages because of uncertainty of how to preach on them? Perhaps, preaching from the Gospels or Paul’s epistles is much easier to make relevant for today so we simply ignore the Torah?

Consider this sermon outline template to encourage you to dive into difficult sections of the bible. Continue Reading…

A Quick and Simple Sermon Outline Template That Works

There are many ways to outline a passage.  Perhaps that is one of the most challenging tasks for anyone preparing a sermon. Can you relate?

Sermon Outline Template

I know that for me, exegeting the text and acquiring background information is the easy part.  After all, that’s what seminaries teach us.

However, coming up with an outline and figuring out the flow of my sermon can be quite challenging at times. I often get stuck here.

I’d like to share a template for your preacher’s toolbox, a possible way that I found to be a lifesaver in moments when I get stuck.  You may even find yourself using this in your next sermon outline. Continue Reading…

3 Things to Re-Think About After Your Sermon Prep

When prepping for a sermon, your personal study for the content of the message can be quite time-consuming. Content is not the only thing to consider when constructing your message.

Re-Think Sermon Prep

As much as I enjoy spending time pulling from commentaries and concordances, I also recognize that there are other things that play in making my message effective.

The truth is, content is only a part of prepping for a great message. There have been many times after spending so much time taking in everything I’ve read that I would hit a wall. There’s so much information that I consume that it is hard to know just what to do with it. It’s in these moments that I know it’s time to step away and begin to think. Continue Reading…

7 Habits of Highly Effective Preachers

Most people want to excel in whatever they do. In every discipline, there are strategies and habits that help a person do what they do better. Preaching is no exception.

Habits Effective Preachers

To speak of improving your preaching is to speak of methods. If you have improved as a preacher, it is because, consciously or subconsciously, you have learned new methods and made modifications to your preaching.

I personally don’t like doing things merely by accident; rather, I prefer a conscious, intentional approach to my growth and improvement.

Here are seven habits that pastors and preachers possess to ensure effective preaching. Continue Reading…

10 Ideas for Dynamic Sermon Application That You Can Start This Week

Now that we have understood Paul’s message, let’s talk about application. How can this passage make a difference in our lives this week?

These are some of the most important words in your sermon.

Sermon Application

But what comes next?

Do you know how to craft a compelling push to apply God’s Word, or do you stay in safe, generic waters?

“Pray more.”

“Trust God.”

“Read the Bible.”

While these are certainly important – just as the biblical author had a specific agenda for his ancient audience, so we must apply the text to the specific men, women and children before us each Sunday.

The problem is that many of us have not been given the tools to think more creatively about application. Here are some tips I have picked up over the years. I pray you will find them useful – even for your sermon this Sunday! Continue Reading…

The Two Sole Responsibilities of a Preacher

Every job comes with responsibilities. A position without responsibilities cannot exist. As ministers, one of our responsibilities is preaching. Within the role of preaching, there are two sole responsibilities.

Responsibilities Preacher

1. Convince people they are sick.

Unlike patients who go to a doctor because they know that they are sick, our congregation often comes to church only out of a sense of tradition or habit, and not necessarily because they recognize their individual sicknesses. Continue Reading…

Ask These Four Questions, and Deliver Home Run Preaching

Have you ever preached a sermon that made you want to crawl under a rock? A sermon that was so bad that you wondered if you really were called by God to preach, or maybe you just heard Him wrong? We all have.

Preaching Effective Sermons.

There are plenty of reasons you might feel like this at some point. It could be that you had an unusual busy week, which limited your time to study. Maybe during your sermon preparation things just didn’t come together and didn’t seem to stick. Continue Reading…