Sermon Preparation

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Sermon preparation is the “science” of your sermon development. Discover methods, outlines, and resources on how you can improve your intro, body, and conclusion of your sermon. You will learn how to uncover biblical truths in your prep.

10 Skills Every Great Preacher Uses in Sermon Prep

If only you could sit down, read a passage of scripture, put together a sermon outline in one afternoon, and put it aside until Sunday delivery. Truth is, this is far from reality.

Skills for Preaching

It takes hours of hard work to mine the text, to extracts the relevant principles for today’s audience, to develop the sermon, and to delivery it well. These four major stages require skills that are essential for a preacher who is aiming to preach well! Continue Reading…

3 Tweaks for Impactful Sermon Illustrations

Illustrations are essential to any sermon. A great illustration, that is. It can take a person from “I think I sort of get it” to the “ah, I see exactly what you mean!” moment.

impactful sermon illustrations

In fact, illustrations are used by teachers, preachers, parents, or anyone who is trying to convey something to someone effectively.

It’s for this reason that in grade school we learned addition by adding one apple to three apples to get a total of four apples. Continue Reading…

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5 Challenging Questions To Ask Yourself Before Preaching to Teenagers

The one thing I have always respected in my tenure as a youth pastor is the youth worker or speaker who takes the necessary time and preparation before getting up to speak to teens.

preaching to teenagers, youth

Some don’t see it as an importance and will get up and wing it every time. I find this a bit offensive being that I believe students deserve our best foot forward every time we step into that pulpit. Continue Reading…

4 Methods for Selecting a Sermon Passage

Preparing a sermon regularly can become a burdensome task when you have to come up with a biblical passage to preach from on a weekly basis.

Methods Choose Sermon Passage

Well, there is an intentional approach that you can take in making this process easier.

It was a matter of time before I preached everything that I was comfortable with. During seminary years I’ve built a great database of content that made for good preaching.

However, as with everything else, the day comes when your reservoir runs low and you’re faced with having to find new content. Continue Reading…

What to Know When You Are the Guest Preacher

When I was a seminary student I loved going to chapel and listening to the godly men and women who preached each day. Except for one thing.

Guest Preaching Itinerant

Most speakers assumed the audience was made up of 25-year-old young adults who were single or newly married with limited life and ministry experience.

This assumption came through in their illustrations, application points and general statements.

As a career-changing married man in his late 30’s with four children, I often felt left out and overlooked! Continue Reading…

3 Proven Ways to Engage Millennials with Your Preaching

Engaging Millennials is essential to the future of the Church. Grab them now, or lose them forever.

How-to Preaching Millennials

It’s a task that can seem overwhelming to many churches and pastors, but the principles for reaching Millennials with your preaching are timeless and applying these principles can be a joyful experience if you’re willing to put in the work. Continue Reading…

5 Components of a Great Sermon Introduction

The Introduction is the most influential part of a sermon.

Components of Sermon Introduction

It’s influential because if we don’t “hook” our audience from the start, they may have a difficult time hearing the rest of the sermon.

Truth is, people have a lot going on in their lives. Just like the preacher, those sitting in pews may have hectic schedules, disobedient kids, tense marriages, unfair bosses; the list can go on and on. These are the things that people’s hearts and minds are often preoccupied with when coming to church. Continue Reading…

4 Ways to Become a Better Youth Speaker

As youth pastors and youth workers we have the opportunity to impact young lives every time we speak to a group of teenagers.

Preaching to Youth, communicating

How we carry ourselves, our tone of voice, and how relevant our message is will often determine how students will view us.

Unless, we draw teenagers in and capture their attention, we run the risk of them totally tuning us out. A well-prepared message also needs a well-prepared delivery.

The good news is there are ways to become a better communicator. Check it out! Continue Reading…