Sermon Preparation

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Sermon preparation is the “science” of your sermon development. Discover methods, outlines, and resources on how you can improve your intro, body, and conclusion of your sermon. You will learn how to uncover biblical truths in your prep.

Speed Bumps to Avoid in Your Sermon Introduction

In the last post, I listed some examples of attention-getting introductions.  This month I want to offer some warnings about potential momentum stoppers, or as I call them “speed bumps” in the introduction.

Speed bumps to Sermon Intro's

Speed Bumps are meant to slow you down while driving through neighborhoods and parking lots.  While we certainly want them in those places, you don’t want them in your sermon introductions.

Put another way, there are things you can say that slow down the momentum that a good sermon introduction is supposed to create.  Let’s consider three common examples: Continue Reading…

Practical Ways Parents Can Help You Preach in Youth Ministry

Believe it or not, parents are one of the most valuable commodities in youth ministry.

Parent Volunteers

I know, sometimes they can feel more like a thorn in our side while we are trying to minister to “their” children. Yet, the truth is they hold the ability to minister to teenagers in ways that free you up to do what you can only do….preach! Continue Reading…

Skill 1: How to Diagram a Passage For Your Next Sermon

Authors note: This article is a continuation of a recent post titled, 10 Skills Every Preacher Uses in Sermon Prep. In the article I gave a brief overview of the ten skills. I will now provide an in depth analysis of the first skill. 

What’s the first step you take after you pick your passage of scripture that you want to preach? Do you go straight to commentaries? Do you simply pray and hope that something comes to your mind?

Diagramming Biblical Passage

There are a variety of places we could start, but in order to stay grounded in the text, we must start with the text itself. One of the best ways to stay grounded in the text is to diagram the text. Diagramming shows us the intended meaning of the author. It shows us what the original audience would have understood. Our first step in sermon prep must be to diagram the text.

I guarantee that if you take the time to put into practice what I am about to show you, it will greatly enhance your sermon preparation and delivery. Continue Reading…

What Does Prayer Have to do With Preaching?

Guest post by Dustin Anderson.

Prayer and Preaeching

If you look for resources on the importance of prayer in sermon preparation, you’ll find surprisingly little. There are many resources that help with structure, technique, and delivery but not much on prayer as a means of sermon preparation. Craft and delivery are important, but what is the role of prayer in sermon preparation? How do prayer and preaching intersect? Continue Reading…

5 Toxic Behaviors in the Pulpit

Preaching can be powerful when the pastor is fully submitted to the Lord and fully committed to pursuing excellence in the pulpit. Sadly, not every pastor meets these criteria.

Never do this during preaching

Over the course of a lifetime, pressures mount, circumstances change, and hearts can be led astray. When this happens to a pastor, the result can be an ugly mess that leaves a battered congregation in its wake. Continue Reading…