Sermon Delivery

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The “art” of preaching. Learn how you can better deliver your sermons in a way that engages your audience and calls them to action.

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10 Ideas for Dynamic Sermon Application That You Can Start This Week

Now that we have understood Paul’s message, let’s talk about application. How can this passage make a difference in our lives this week?

These are some of the most important words in your sermon.

Sermon Application

But what comes next?

Do you know how to craft a compelling push to apply God’s Word, or do you stay in safe, generic waters?

“Pray more.”

“Trust God.”

“Read the Bible.”

While these are certainly important – just as the biblical author had a specific agenda for his ancient audience, so we must apply the text to the specific men, women and children before us each Sunday.

The problem is that many of us have not been given the tools to think more creatively about application. Here are some tips I have picked up over the years. I pray you will find them useful – even for your sermon this Sunday! Continue Reading…

The Greatest Temptation For a Preacher

We’ve all been there (okay, most of us have, at least). We walk up to a preacher after listening to them speak so eloquently, only to get confused once they start talking directly to us.

Temptation for a preacher

The preacher’s personality one-on-one is completely different than the personality you saw on stage. His voice, tone, everything in his speech is different. It’s like speaking with a different person.

Another scenario you may have run into is when a person starts preaching and you realize he sounds or acts exactly like another communicator that you know. His jokes, illustrations, tone, pitch, even hand gestures are all like the other preacher. A kind of preacher’s identity crisis. Continue Reading…

3 Tips to Keeping the Attention of Teenagers

There is NO doubt that keeping the attention of a teenager can be challenging.  With all the different distractions that teens are faced with, it can become a task to keep them focused.  The key many times is knowing when you are loosing your audience.

Youth, teenagers

There are many signs that send the message, “I’ve checked out”.  Here are just a few Continue Reading…