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Three Disciplines That Will Ensure Spiritual Freshness in the Life of a Preacher

Many preachers live under a cloud of discouragement because they don’t see the results that they envisioned for their ministries. John Stott, a British theologian, argues that sometimes the problem is not so much discouragement as it is staleness. There is no preacher who starts off his or her race with the intention of failing.

Three Disciplines That Ensure Preacher Freshness

Many throw in the towel because they have ignored the basic disciplines that would have determined their longevity in proclaiming God’s gospel. Effective preachers are healthy preachers.

Here are three disciplines that will ensure spiritual freshness in your life as a preacher. Continue Reading…

Why You Need a Preaching Calendar and How To Get Started

One of the greatest struggles for a preacher is knowing what to preach next.  This can be a life-sucking weekly ritual.  If you are a senior pastor, a student ministries pastor, or anyone who preaches on a regular basis, you need a preaching calendar.

Preaching Calendar

A preaching calendar is a planned-out calendar that outlines what will be preached over the course of the upcoming quarter, half-year, or year.  The calendar is not created randomly but instead through prayerful considerations. Continue Reading…