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Skill 1: How to Diagram a Passage For Your Next Sermon

Authors note: This article is a continuation of a recent post titled, 10 Skills Every Preacher Uses in Sermon Prep. In the article I gave a brief overview of the ten skills. I will now provide an in depth analysis of the first skill. 

What’s the first step you take after you pick your passage of scripture that you want to preach? Do you go straight to commentaries? Do you simply pray and hope that something comes to your mind?

Diagramming Biblical Passage

There are a variety of places we could start, but in order to stay grounded in the text, we must start with the text itself. One of the best ways to stay grounded in the text is to diagram the text. Diagramming shows us the intended meaning of the author. It shows us what the original audience would have understood. Our first step in sermon prep must be to diagram the text.

I guarantee that if you take the time to put into practice what I am about to show you, it will greatly enhance your sermon preparation and delivery. Continue Reading…

Dr. Shane Pruitt: How I Preach

Dr. Shane Pruitt

Shane Pruitt has been in full-time ministry for over thirteen years, and is currently Planter & Teaching Pastor of C3 Rowlett (Connection Community Church) A rapidly growing church plant in Rowlett, TX! C3 started in November 2010 with a core team of 30, and now has a little over 700 that call C3 home. . . He is also a Communicator & Bible Teacher at Student Camps, Revivals, Rallies, Retreats, Schools, Fellowship of Christian Athletes/Students, Disciple-Nows, College Retreats, Marriage Retreats/Conferences, Singles Events, Conventions, Panels, Roundtables, Associations, etc. Shane is also the creator of A new collection of online Articles that is rapidly growing in popularity. Some of the Articles have been shared by RELEVANT Magazine, The Gospel Coalition,, The Christian Post, The Aquila Report, and more. And, he is also the Author of The Secret Place. A 60-day devotional through the four Gospels.

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What Does Prayer Have to do With Preaching?

Guest post by Dustin Anderson.

Prayer and Preaeching

If you look for resources on the importance of prayer in sermon preparation, you’ll find surprisingly little. There are many resources that help with structure, technique, and delivery but not much on prayer as a means of sermon preparation. Craft and delivery are important, but what is the role of prayer in sermon preparation? How do prayer and preaching intersect? Continue Reading…

Dr. Jeff Magruder: How I Preach

Dr. Jeff MagruderDr. Jeff Magruder is a Professor of Bible and Church Ministries at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. He received his D.Min. at Gordon-Conwell where his doctoral advisor was Haddon Robinson. He is in demand as a speaker and puts on sermon coaching clinics around the country. He has served as a pastor, youth pastor, and interim pastor. His research interests involve the intersection of an Expository Preaching Philosophy and Pentecostal Spirituality. He has presented papers at the Society of Pentecostal Studies and the Evangelical Homelitical Society. His articles on Preaching have appeared in Preaching MagazineEnrichment Journal, and The Preachers College.

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10 Skills Every Great Preacher Uses in Sermon Prep

If only you could sit down, read a passage of scripture, put together a sermon outline in one afternoon, and put it aside until Sunday delivery. Truth is, this is far from reality.

Skills for Preaching

It takes hours of hard work to mine the text, to extracts the relevant principles for today’s audience, to develop the sermon, and to delivery it well. These four major stages require skills that are essential for a preacher who is aiming to preach well! Continue Reading…

3 Tweaks for Impactful Sermon Illustrations

Illustrations are essential to any sermon. A great illustration, that is. It can take a person from “I think I sort of get it” to the “ah, I see exactly what you mean!” moment.

impactful sermon illustrations

In fact, illustrations are used by teachers, preachers, parents, or anyone who is trying to convey something to someone effectively.

It’s for this reason that in grade school we learned addition by adding one apple to three apples to get a total of four apples. Continue Reading…