3 Things to Re-Think About After Your Sermon Prep

When prepping for a sermon, your personal study for the content of the message can be quite time-consuming. Content is not the only thing to consider when constructing your message.

Re-Think Sermon Prep

As much as I enjoy spending time pulling from commentaries and concordances, I also recognize that there are other things that play in making my message effective.

The truth is, content is only a part of prepping for a great message. There have been many times after spending so much time taking in everything I’ve read that I would hit a wall. There’s so much information that I consume that it is hard to know just what to do with it. It’s in these moments that I know it’s time to step away and begin to think.

Getting away to think is a great way to prepare a well-executed sermon effectively. It is not necessarily done in a specific way. It’s just you getting out and doing your daily things and considering your message in between these. Whether you’re in the car, on a jog, in a meeting or at your kid’s soccer game, you have that message simmering in the back of your mind.

As you step away from your sermon prep, consider meditating on these three things.

1. Your Specified Audience

It is important to realize that there are always multiple types of people within your audience. Although they all may be listening, they are all at different stages in their relationship with God.

You have those who are devoted in following Jesus, those who are struggling in their walk with Jesus, and then those who don’t know Jesus and question their beliefs.

As you are thinking on your message, it’s important to consider these levels as well. It makes it multidimensional in a sense that it’s able to reach them on every level.

2. Connecting to your Audience

When considering your audience, it’s also important to consider the everyday life of a person and what they go through on a daily basis.

Taking the time to ponder on these things helps you think the way they think. Consider school, home life, friends, etc. Doing this will help you to connect truth in a more personal and practical way.

The burning question many times is not always why, but how. Thinking on these things will help you answer that question and ultimately, change the way you teach.

3. The Main Idea

Lastly, you want to consider the one thing that God is wanting them to go home with. When we take the time to think about what that one thing is, we come out with a focal point of our message.

The main idea is what also will determine the desired sermon objective.  If you believe that the main objective is to see students surrender their life to God, then your main idea will have to speak to that within the message.

The great thing is that after mulling over the previous three points, the main idea becomes much easier to see.

Question: What do you do after your sermon prep? Leave a comment below.

  • Curtis Pryor

    What do I do after sermon prep? Take a big deep breath and walk in to the sanctuary to preach. Just kidding. Usually I leave my study and go relax for a while. But I totally agree with your three suggestions….I do those things before during and after the prep time.

    • Yuri Doroshuk

      Curtis, that sounds scary! Thanks for taking the time to read the article! Blessings!