3 Ingredients For Effective Easter Sermons

Some sermons count more than others and Easter is the Super Bowl of Sundays.

Easter Sunday Sermon Prep

Lifeway Research asked 1,000 pastors which Sunday had the highest attendance and 93% selected Easter. More people are ready to hear from God on Easter than on any other Sunday.

So how can we make the most of this opportunity?

1. Start Planning Early

Start thinking about Easter at least six months in advance. Begin by praying and basic preparation. If you have your text selected ahead of time you have a better chance to craft a creative and clear message. When you have the luxury of time, your illustrations will be better and your insights will be refined. If you struggle with advanced planning, Easter is the perfect time to start some new habits!

2.  Set Your Focus on Visitors

Most weeks you are preaching to the faithful – your members and regular attenders; but on Easter you have a different audience.

Make sure the purpose of your sermon is to help an unchurched person understand the gospel and the importance of the resurrection. Don’t assume they know their bibles or basic Christian principles. Be evangelistic. Don’t use “insider language.” This sermon should have a different vibe than your other messages. Customize your message to meet the needs of visitors. This may be the only sermon they hear all year.

3. Stay Centered on the Resurrection

Easter is not the time to be a contrarian and talk about, say, the dimensions of the Tabernacle.

Set aside every other distraction and stay focused on the resurrection. This is your opportunity to platform the most important thing that has happened in human history! What was the resurrection? Who was raised from the dead? Why? What difference should the resurrection make today? What evidence supports the resurrection?

Stay centered and keep the message simple. 

If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you.
He who raised Jesus from the dead will also give life to your moral bodies.
Romans 8:11

What other ideas do you have for a powerful Easter sermon?