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4 Methods for Selecting a Sermon Passage

Preparing a sermon regularly can become a burdensome task when you have to come up with a biblical passage to preach from on a weekly basis.

Methods Choose Sermon Passage

Well, there is an intentional approach that you can take in making this process easier.

It was a matter of time before I preached everything that I was comfortable with. During seminary years I’ve built a great database of content that made for good preaching.

However, as with everything else, the day comes when your reservoir runs low and you’re faced with having to find new content. Continue Reading…

A Complete Guide to Building an Itinerant Speaking Ministry: Step One

I am Tony Doland. I am a nationally recognized anti-bullying speaker. I speak to thousands of teenagers every year all across the country. But 4 years ago I didn’t have a clue on how to get my speaking ministry off the ground.

build itinerant ministry

4 years ago I knew I was a good speaker. I had been working in churches for years as a youth pastor and I had spent countless hours honing my skills in an attempt to become great.

These countless hours coupled with a natural gift to speak made me into a good speaker. Nevertheless, me being a good speaker didn’t mean my phone was ringing off the hook with people wanting me to come speak for them. Continue Reading…

A Dangerous Sermon Icebreaker That Worked

This past weekend I had the honor to travel to Sacramento, California for some ministry. Since it was a fairly new crowd, I decided I needed to “break the ice.”

Good Sermon Icebreaker

There are many ways we can do this: humor, introducing our family or telling a good story.

Well, I went on a limb and tried something completely different. This icebreaker would either serve its purpose or put me in a hole so deep that I would lose them for good.

What I did was more than break the ice, I cracked the whole frozen lake.

What did I do? Continue Reading…

What to Know When You Are the Guest Preacher

When I was a seminary student I loved going to chapel and listening to the godly men and women who preached each day. Except for one thing.

Guest Preaching Itinerant

Most speakers assumed the audience was made up of 25-year-old young adults who were single or newly married with limited life and ministry experience.

This assumption came through in their illustrations, application points and general statements.

As a career-changing married man in his late 30’s with four children, I often felt left out and overlooked! Continue Reading…

3 Proven Ways to Engage Millennials with Your Preaching

Engaging Millennials is essential to the future of the Church. Grab them now, or lose them forever.

How-to Preaching Millennials

It’s a task that can seem overwhelming to many churches and pastors, but the principles for reaching Millennials with your preaching are timeless and applying these principles can be a joyful experience if you’re willing to put in the work. Continue Reading…

5 Components of a Great Sermon Introduction

The Introduction is the most influential part of a sermon.

Components of Sermon Introduction

It’s influential because if we don’t “hook” our audience from the start, they may have a difficult time hearing the rest of the sermon.

Truth is, people have a lot going on in their lives. Just like the preacher, those sitting in pews may have hectic schedules, disobedient kids, tense marriages, unfair bosses; the list can go on and on. These are the things that people’s hearts and minds are often preoccupied with when coming to church. Continue Reading…

4 Ways to Become a Better Youth Speaker

As youth pastors and youth workers we have the opportunity to impact young lives every time we speak to a group of teenagers.

Preaching to Youth, communicating

How we carry ourselves, our tone of voice, and how relevant our message is will often determine how students will view us.

Unless, we draw teenagers in and capture their attention, we run the risk of them totally tuning us out. A well-prepared message also needs a well-prepared delivery.

The good news is there are ways to become a better communicator. Check it out! Continue Reading…

A Sermon Template: How to Correctly Preach from the Old Testament Law

Some of the most difficult sections of the Bible to preach is the Old Testament law.

Preaching Old Testament Law Outline

Today, some O.T. practices would be considered animal cruelty by some. How exactly do we preach O.T. texts that seem irrelevant to our daily living?

Should we sweep the book of Leviticus under the category of “Oh, it’s the Old Testament.”

Most Evangelicals would argue that all Scripture is worth preaching, but when was the last time you preached from those sections or heard a sermon from it?

Perhaps we shy away from these passages because of uncertainty of how to preach on them? Perhaps, preaching from the Gospels or Paul’s epistles is much easier to make relevant for today so we simply ignore the Torah?

Consider this sermon outline template to encourage you to dive into difficult sections of the bible. Continue Reading…