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The Greatest Temptation For a Preacher

We’ve all been there (okay, most of us have, at least). We walk up to a preacher after listening to them speak so eloquently, only to get confused once they start talking directly to us.

Temptation for a preacher

The preacher’s personality one-on-one is completely different than the personality you saw on stage. His voice, tone, everything in his speech is different. It’s like speaking with a different person.

Another scenario you may have run into is when a person starts preaching and you realize he sounds or acts exactly like another communicator that you know. His jokes, illustrations, tone, pitch, even hand gestures are all like the other preacher. A kind of preacher’s identity crisis. Continue Reading…

Secondhand Sermons: The Rules For Re-Preaching Sermons

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not you can “repreach” someone else’s sermon. Some arguments against repreaching are dogmatic and assert that you should never do this. On the other hand, some get weekly emails of a sermon already prepared. Where is the balance?


Here’s a good test: if you are borrowing from someone’s sermon because you don’t want to prepare your own, then it’s a problem.

But if you’re using someone’s sermon because it was written and spoken beautifully, preached by a legend like Charles Spurgeon or anyone else, and you know your hearers would benefit from this particular message, then go for it. Continue Reading…

The 10 Commandments of Sermon Illustrations

Someone once said that when you run out of illustrations, you should stop preaching. This statement may be overdramatic, but there is some element of truth to it. Jesus was a fantastic storyteller.

Sermon Illustrations

For example, when he communicated something about the kingdom he would talk about coins, sheep, and a prodigal son as a way to illustrate his point. If you survey the New Testament, you will quickly discover that Jesus frequently responded and engaged people through a story. Bottom line: stories stick in your memory. Continue Reading…

Three Disciplines That Will Ensure Spiritual Freshness in the Life of a Preacher

Many preachers live under a cloud of discouragement because they don’t see the results that they envisioned for their ministries. John Stott, a British theologian, argues that sometimes the problem is not so much discouragement as it is staleness. There is no preacher who starts off his or her race with the intention of failing.

Three Disciplines That Ensure Preacher Freshness

Many throw in the towel because they have ignored the basic disciplines that would have determined their longevity in proclaiming God’s gospel. Effective preachers are healthy preachers.

Here are three disciplines that will ensure spiritual freshness in your life as a preacher. Continue Reading…

Ask These Four Questions, and Deliver Home Run Preaching

Have you ever preached a sermon that made you want to crawl under a rock? A sermon that was so bad that you wondered if you really were called by God to preach, or maybe you just heard Him wrong? We all have.

Preaching Effective Sermons.

There are plenty of reasons you might feel like this at some point. It could be that you had an unusual busy week, which limited your time to study. Maybe during your sermon preparation things just didn’t come together and didn’t seem to stick. Continue Reading…

3 Tips to Keeping the Attention of Teenagers

There is NO doubt that keeping the attention of a teenager can be challenging.  With all the different distractions that teens are faced with, it can become a task to keep them focused.  The key many times is knowing when you are loosing your audience.

Youth, teenagers

There are many signs that send the message, “I’ve checked out”.  Here are just a few Continue Reading…

Why You Need a Preaching Calendar and How To Get Started

One of the greatest struggles for a preacher is knowing what to preach next.  This can be a life-sucking weekly ritual.  If you are a senior pastor, a student ministries pastor, or anyone who preaches on a regular basis, you need a preaching calendar.

Preaching Calendar

A preaching calendar is a planned-out calendar that outlines what will be preached over the course of the upcoming quarter, half-year, or year.  The calendar is not created randomly but instead through prayerful considerations. Continue Reading…

The Most Overlooked Way to Forgive Someone When It’s Hard

Is anyone ever beyond forgiveness?  Before you say “no”, let me share a story with you.

Forgiveness, bitterness

Known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer was no stranger to heinous and vicious crimes.  He was, to put it mildly, a brutal serial killer.  He was also a sex offender who committed rape and murder, and chopped 17 men and boys to pieces.  He stored all the human body parts he had dismembered in a refrigerator. After he killed his victims, he would Continue Reading…